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    1. The Chef's Domain - Promo

      A visual and culinary delight, each episode of The Chef’s Domain follows a chef's odyssey as they search for the local ingredients needed for the ultimate field to table feast.
      Every great chef dreams of sourcing their ingredients just outside their back door. But in this country, depending on the time of year, they can have their work cut out for them.
      In this 18 part series, our acclaimed chefs from across the country are up for the challenge. With the clock ticking, they must race to find the freshest possible ingredients available while grappling with short growing seasons, torrential rains, hurricanes and early snowfalls. For them, the Canadian climate and landscape are equal parts challenge and inspiration. These chefs have to improvise based on what they have found (or couldn't find) and then create a memorable and inventive locally based dinner. The Chef’s Domain celebrates the beauty and bounty of Canada through the culinary talents of its chefs.

    2. Breeder of the Pack - Promo

      What profession requires show business acumen, a knack for genetic manipulation, the honed instincts of a seasoned corporate raider and hairdressing skills? Welcome to the world of dog breeders. BREEDER OF THE PACK, a 13 x 30 documentary series follows the stories of the eccentric and opinionated people who populate the dog world, and the passionate lengths they go to propagate and defend their desirable pooches. Offbeat and endearing, each episode of this stylish series focuses on one breeder and their canine of choice. From “leasing a bitch”, to posing for paparazzi, we follow these devoted dog lovers on their quest to conquer the show competition, protect critically sick pups, or go toe to toe with a life-long foe.

    3. run run revolution™ Promo

      run run revolution™ is an exuberant and touching two hour special series following 10 inactive middle school students as they train to run in the youth section of the Boston Marathon. The stars, however, are the kids themselves. They are the faces of the next generation of Canadians, one whose state of health need not be dictated by fast-food and video games.

    4. Enraged

      Episode 1

      "It is estimated that over 40 million North Americans have problems controlling their rage"

    5. Enraged Promo

      "It is estimated that over 40 million North Americans have problems controlling their rage"

    6. Breeder of the Pack - Season 1 - Chihuahua

      Episode: Chihuahua - Lucinda Glenny

      Lucinda Glenny has over 25 years of experience breeding and training dogs.

    7. Breeder of the Pack - Season 1 - Basset Hounds

      Episode: Basset Hounds - Debra Hull

      Debra Hull breeds her Basset Hounds to be top competitors in the show ring, and she doesn't approve of second place.

    8. Gold Medal Plates:

      Sizzle Reel Mix

    9. James Brings Down the House

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